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Best Gender Neutral Gifts For The “Surprise Baby”

Discovering the sex of your baby is an exciting time in a parent’s life. However, some adventurous folks like to keep it a surprise. This can make it difficult for them and others to have clothing and gifts ready for the baby when he or she arrives. No worries, we’ve got you covered. The first on our list of favorite gender neutral goodies is Copper Pearl. 04-4c3z-1z4c.2_1600xThey have the most adorable bandana bibs that are equally as cute on both boys and girls. Shop the collection here.

Next is our go to basics by Go Gently Nation. With simple, solid colors, their rompers are cute and comfy and boys and girls alike. Shop the collection here. Lastly, we have a gift that’s great for mommy and baby.

Chewbeads offer a stylish, modern looking necklace for mom that baby can safely teeth on. No more yanking your necklace from the grip of your little one. Available in a color scheme for every outfit. Shop the collection here.

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