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Featured Badass Mama: Mallory Kammeyer

When Modern Mija came to be last fall, providing well-made, seriously cute mini clothes was the mission. Fast-forward close to a year down the road and the mission has become so much more. We then realized that although this was a great mission, we were forgetting about someone very important: the mothers. We now want to take some time every once in awhile to highlight badass mamas because without them, where would we be? We hope to provide an outlet for other mothers. Giving women everywhere a peek inside one of their soul sister’s lives. To see raw, honest, genuine experience between a mother and her child and see that they are not alone on this crazy beautiful journey we call motherhood!


Our first feature of a mama that inspires us is Mallory Kammeyer. First and foremost, Mallory is the proud mother of her baby boy Ollie. On top of this, she is a self-proclaimed mamarazzi for his Instagram, as well as the owner of @Jolly’s, a boutique in Downtown Lee’s Summit, MO. She cherishes the freedom of getting to spend time with Ollie while at work. She loves fashion and getting to use it to help other women look amazing.

Mallory’s Mama Must Haves

My 5 ‘must haves’ as a mom so far are: Dock-a-tot: I literally amazon primed this in the middle of the night during week 4 of Ollie’s life. He wasn’t sleeping, we weren’t sleeping, the dogs weren’t sleeping and we were desperate. I am not going to say this worked miracles but it certainly made the nights a bit more manageable. And sleep filled. Owlet: Without this little oxygen and heart rate monitor i wouldn’t have gotten one minute of sleep. Mamaroo: Ollie exclusively napped in this for about 3 months. It was a dark period in my motherhood journey. Don’t judge! Toms Crib Shoes: He was a winter baby and he couldn’t keep socks on and these little booties were soft, snuggle, warm and best of all he couldn’t get them off. Plus they looked so cute with all his great outfits. Lastly. a great wardrobe: I know a lot of people don’t believe in getting their little ones lots of clothing because they out grow them so fast but dressing this little boy for the past (almost) year has been so much fun. It’s a great outlet for my creativity (especially since i don’t get to get dressed too often anymore) plus he loves getting his picture take so our daily outfit photo shoots have become our bonding time.


Some Advice, From Mom Boss to Mom Boss…

I got a lot of advice while pregnant and after having Ollie. Everything from how to have him (epidural, natural, induced) to how to feed him (breastfeed, don’t breastfeed, baby led weening and it went on and on) but the very best piece of advice I got was basic and it is something I have continually reminded myself of and that is to give yourself grace. Some days are going to be amazing and perfect and you are going to love your life and your business is going to be soaring. But the other side of that is that some days are going to be hell. Nothing is going to go right and life is going to be hard and you are going to be more tired and more discouraged than you ever thought possible and on these days you are going to feel like you’re failing. Failing as a mother and a business owner and a wife and whatever other roles you serve. When these days come give yourself grace. Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab yourself a few minutes alone and throw yourself a little pity party. Tomorrow will be better and if its not Starbucks is always open and coffee fixes a lot.

Where’d You Get That Look?

I have always pulled my style from the 60’s and 70’s. I love the freedom of fashion during these periods. As for Ollie, dressing him has been such a fun adventure. Before I had him, I stocked his closet with preppy pieces from The Gap and cute three-piece sets from Carters but as soon as he was out i realized he was not a generic kid. All of those pieces went back and in their place was a curated wardrobe from Instagram artists, moms selling harem pants on Etsy and small boutiques with beautiful, small batch pieces. His style has definitely evolved into a very cool, hipster situation and putting together his daily looks is so much fun.


Motherhood To Me…

It’s like seeing the world in color for the first time. Before Ollie I had an amazing life. Enviable even. My husband and I traveled the world; I had a thriving business and a great (clean!!) wardrobe. But after Ollie it is like getting to look at life with new eyes. Everything is exciting again and his sense of adventure and curiosity is more exhilarating and rewarding than anything I have ever experienced. It’s so hard and it’s so tiring and yet I can’t imagine what my life was before. Plus I am so obsessed with him.

Please Remember Me

I hope Ollie remembers the fun we have. No two days are a like and we go on as many adventures as possible. (Ollie just took his 12th flight). I hope that I not only instill in him a sense of curiosity and wonderment, but I hope he wants to explore the world just like i have.


Life After Baby

I could write a book on this but the fact of the matter is it wouldn’t matter. The woman I was before I had Ollie was free spirited. She did yoga at 2 in the afternoon in the back yard and wore great, expensive clothes that weren’t covered in spaghetti, she read books from start to finish and she took showers and actually dried her hair with a blow dryer. She had no idea what was getting ready to happen. From the moment Ollie entered the world, that girl disappeared. I worry, all the time, about everything. It takes me months to read a book because I am too tired, or distracted or the baby fell asleep on my and my book is just out of reach. I am lucky to get a shower a week and I usually have to schedule it with my husband or my mom or during naptime. My clothes all have stretched out necks from impromptu nursing session and they are all covered in some sort of food or bodily fluid. But I am also so much easier on myself. I don’t have to do hours of yoga every day because my arms are strong from carrying around a baby that is getting heavier by the day. I don’t have to care about my hair because it’s usually in a bun so my baby doesn’t pull it or eat it. And I am so in love. I am on the other side and I know how hard it is but I also know about that love that mothers talk about. That all consuming, immediate, borderline obsessive love that you don’t know until you know.

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